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Direct Import to Jamaica

Mona Motors Ltd provides the most informed and reliable services for importing Japanese vehicles to Jamaica. With our knowledge of the import process and access to over 150,000 cars at auction each week, we will be able to source the best cars for you.

The process is simple and typically involves the following steps:

Place Advance Deposit

Once you are ready to go ahead we will require a JA$100,000 (or any negotiated figure) deposit that goes towards the purchase price of the vehicle. We will then get all the necessary details concerning the vehicles you are looking for e.g. Color, Kilometers and options as well as your budget and begin searching for cars that fit your description.

We Find Your Vehicle

When appropriate vehicles are found we will send you photos and a full description. Ultimately the decision is yours and we will do our best to find you a car that closely matches your ideal vehicle.

Your Car is Shipped

Once your vehicle is purchased an invoice will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All paperwork necessary for export will be arranged and the car will be transported to the wharf for shipping. Cars are put on the first available ship usually 3-6 weeks after purchase. Shipping times vary, but will generally take around 20-30 days.

Vehicles eligible for import into Jamaica

  • Commercial vehicle(2008 or newer)
  • Personal Vehicle (2009 or newer)
  • Heavy trucks and buses